Commissioned artwork for the exhibition Net.Specific of Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, DK, curated by Tina Madsen

Transgression was created in collaboration with Philipp Bosch at studio SYNTOP

Transgression is a website and physical installation dealing with the manifestation of art in the digital age

Website (inactive)

The principle is a very simple one: visitors of the website see the webcam view of a screen in a museum and an upload form. The form enables them to upload an artwork/image, which is then shown on the screen - their artworks/images are being shown in a museum.

The museum visitors have access to a pushbutton, which deletes the image from the screen upon pressing.

Transgression re-links virtual and physical exhibition spaces and interchanges inherent principles of interction/consumption of art between these two spaces.

The first instance of Transgression is located at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, DK. Its design is based exclusively on accessible inexpensive hardware, namely the raspberry pi and open software as well as free web services, for easy deployment in any museum or gallery willing to participate.